Dominique Campana and Carol Haas collaborate on sculpture. Dominique trained as an apprentice in glass blowing and is a metal sculptor. Carol is a visual artist.

Dominque began working with glass when he was 7 years old, initiated by his father who was an artisan glass blower. With a remarkable dexterity in manipulating the melted medium he mastered all of the gestures of glass making by the end of his apprenticeship when he was 15.

Exposed to art at an early age, Carol took courses in painting and drawing at the Art Students League and the Brooklyn Museum Art School before continuing her studies in studio art. She studied with Walter Hatke at Union College (Schenectady, NY) from where she obtained a BA.

Difficult to assume an artists’ existence in big cities like Paris and New York where one’s economic survival depends on one’s day job. When the artists met in Paris in 2002 they understood that making art was essential to their lives. They rapidly built their studio in Calvi, Corsica, giving free rein to their inspiration.

Ideas and experiences gave way to their particular expression. Carol would never have worked with glass as a medium, too technical, too many parameters to learn in order to manipulate the material and to be able to make something. Dominique would never have made art, having learned that glass was used only for functional objects. To further evolve artistically they felt a need to use an additional medium and Dominique began working with metal, which like glass is manipulated through a melting process.

The resulting work is an experiment that always further explores the manipulation of materials, morphing glass into metal, blurring the boundaries, sculpture that makes you forget the limits of the media and creates an entirely different entity. The creative process begins with an idea, germinates through drawings, becomes more concrete in a model, evolves in glass because glass will always have the last word, taking on colors and forms, and is finally built with metal. Force, fragility, transparency, reflection, light, alchemy of two matters. The artists’ work is a permanent dialog between glass and metal, color and form, space and light.


Curriculum Vitae

Dominique Campana: Born in 1968, Antibes
Education: Apprenticeship, 1983

Carol Haas: Born in 1965, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Education: BA (Studio Art and English Literature) 1987, Union College, Schenectady, New York



Citadell’arte, Calvi
La Villa, Calvi
Vies d’ailleurs, Maison des Metiers d’Art, Pezenas, France
Galerie Gour Beneforti @
Selected for Sculpture on Sample, Coral Springs, Florida, USA


La Villa, Calvi
Lux Aeterna, International Glass Biennial, Strasbourg


Sofitel Baie d’Ajaccio, Porticcio
Galerie Gour Beneforti


Galerie Gour Beneforti, Bastia, November-January 2014
Rencontre des Matières, Galerie l’Art et la Matière,
St Amand en Puisaye, 6-30 December
Expression Verre, Galerie l’Art et la Matière, St Amand en
Galerie Gour Beneforti, Bastia, summer
Sofitel Baie d’Ajaccio, Porticcio
Transparences, la Maison pour Tous, Ville d’Avray


Shop Art, Galerie Gour, Bastia
Natale in Arte, Independarte, Ajaccio
Quand l’art rencontre l’industrie, Inoxier, Biguglia
Craft, Maison et Objet, Villepinte, January


Festival d’Art Contemporain, Ajaccio
Craft, Maison et Objet, Villepinte, January
Galerie Talents, Paris


Maison et Objet, Villepinte, January
Craft, Maison et Objet, Villepinte, September
Galerie Talents, Paris


Galerie Paul Matheron-Tourre, Manosque


Galerie Lacydon, Marseille
Galerie Spolnik, La Varenne St. Hilaire
Galerie Maya Strubinska, Paris


BNP, Paris


Kallisté, summer, 2009
La Corse Votre Hebdo, 24 May 2010
Art et Décoration, July-August 2010
Corse Matin, les 100 Coups de Cœur de l’Eté 2011
M & Oxygène, autumn-winter 2010-11
Version Femina, Tendance Déco Versant Corse, 15 October 2011
Corse Matin, 18 March 2012
France 3 Corse Via Stella, 15 April 2012
France 3, Thalassa, 15 June 2012
Corse Matin, 29 December 2012
Corsica, #165, June 2013
Ambiente Casa Corsa, #1, spring-summer 2013
Art Travel, Mediterranean Issue, 2015


Public commission: Territorial Communuty, Calvi-Balagne, Sports Complex, 2014

Works are included in private collections in France, Europe, North and South America and the Middle East

© Dominique Campana & Carol Haas